Saturday, June 18, 2011

From the North Oregon Coast

I eat too many turkey meals.  I should find a backup eatery but Subway is good and fast and... well, fresh.

Wednesday morning I headed for the coast to work for three days.  I used our place at the beach for two nights as a base for working from Newport to Astoria.

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This was lunch in Newport on Wednesday.  The ride through the mountains in the morning was mostly wet but at the coast the weather was nice.  It was in the low 60's (F) with the usual onshore breeze of good fresh air.

The weather for the three days was suppose to be mostly dry.  There was only a 30% chance of showers on Wednesday morning.  I debated on whether to take a regular duffel bag or my Helen 2Wheels waterproof bag.  Amber reminded me that this is Oregon and it can rain at any time. I didn't really need a reminder. I ended up getting the 30% on 100% of me so I was glad I had Helen's bag.  I've had this large roll top sack for over a year and it has served me well.  It's surprising how much one can pack in it when items are rolled into tube shape.

When I first started using it I was a little nervous about leaving it on the bike when I'm inside on a sales visit but so far it's been fine.  I don't put anything too valuable in it and I generally park in areas which are not too public.

Below are some road trip photos.

A beach chapel that has weathered many storms.

Twin Rocks (Rockaway Beach) as high clouds approach. 

This one is titled, "Waiting for Sunset".

It's nice to stop and explore in these small coastal towns.  I stopped here Thursday afternoon to get something to drink.

Friday morning the clammers were out during low tide in Tillamook Bay. Homemade clam chowder sounds good.

I have many photos of this lake.  On a clear morning when it's calm I can't help but stop and click a few shots.  It's a serene view that's quite different than the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland only 90 miles away.  What would life be like without the push and pull of a BlackBerry and computer? 

The trip was a little over 400 miles.  It was a pleasure to be on the bike.  For a while now I've been experimenting with riding at higher rpm.  On the way back to Portland through the mountain range I stayed in 4th gear most of the time.  The speed limit is 55 mph with nice sweeping curves. The bike handled better at the higher rpm with easier ability to roll on and off the throttle and less shifting.   

I hope you get some higher rpm this weekend!

God's speed.


  1. NIce pics MIke, Ididnt relise you were close to the beach. It looks great. Oregon reminds me of NZ very much, just has the same look. Great wee trip by all accounts.

  2. Mike,
    Glorious photos - isn't it wonderful to combine work in scenery like that? As Roger says, some of those shots could be taken in NZ.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Mike: Lately, I too have been going to Subway. I think it is healthier than the Golden Arches, but I prefer Quiznos, don't know if you have them down there.

    It is always pleasant to see beach photos. I am hoping to get some of those next week. Glad you can manage to get some riding in, even though are are supposed to be working

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Roger,
    Thank you. I agree, many of yours and Geoff's shots look like places here in Oregon. It's a small world!

    Thank you. It is nice to mix riding with work. Many of the folks I do business with ride too. NZ seems to get quite a bit of rain as we do. Many similarities!

    I agree, Subway is healthier than the Golden Arches and other burger fast food places. I like Quiznos too. I should try those more often.

    Looking forward to your beach photos - thank you, Bob!

  5. Mike, great to be able to combine work and pleasure. Your pictures are lovely. Oregon is so beautiful, the coast as well as the interior, and I can't wait to return one fine day.

  6. Wonderful shots of the Oregon coast and it sure is nice that you are able to combine riding with work. That looks like a very nice small town.

    I would vote for Quiznos but I suspect it may be higher calorie. More meat and cheese and fewer vegetables.

  7. Sonja,
    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment! Please let me know when you plan to come back to Oregon. I know where there's a Subway! :)

    Thank you sir! I feel guilty sometimes that I get to ride while working. With gas prices so high it makes more sense than ever.

    Next time you come back to Oregon we'll have to go to Quiznos... and I'll meet you there. :)

  8. Subway is a favorite of ours. Just seems lighter and healthier than a hamburger and fries. I suppose that depends on what one orders. :)

    Sounds like it was a nice few days, albeit a little wet (what isn't this year). I love the pic of the little chapel in the sand. Those little coastal towns do have a lot of personality. Nice post!

  9. Kari,
    Thank you. It was a nice mini tour. Thank you for stopping by!

  10. Isn't that Subway near Fred Meyer? Farther South is a sandwich shop and a Starbucks in the same building. I think it's a Quizno's though. Subway seems less expensive.

    Glad you can travel for work on a bike, as well. Gee, I've never heard of keeping your bike in a lower gear and higher revs for smoother control before. Where did you hear that stuff? Glad it works!

  11. Amazing photos. Makes me think I need to visit Oregon.

  12. Just like northern California, Oregon has lots of beautiful coastal towns, I wish I had had more time when I was on your side of the country :-(
    Beautiful pics and looks like the little town hasn't moved out of the 19th century ;-)
    Subway over the arches any time :-)

  13. Subway is still better fast food then a lot of crap out there. The beach looks beautiful and the lake water looks so clean.

  14. I love my turkey subs from Subway!!! Gorgeous pics! My husband loves tinkering with his bike which he calls "motorcycle repair".

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  18. Great post, looks like an awesome place to go riding. I wish I could go. Looking forward to reading more.

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  19. Sounds like an interesting adventure you had. Would love to come along some day