Saturday, May 21, 2011

Second Year Thoughts

Two years ago today the liftgate on the delivery truck touched down on our driveway with the Beemer.  Little did I know it would begin an adventure that I still can't believe I get to enjoy.

I've met so many wonderful people as a result of riding. Being among those who experience the thrill of straddling a motorcycle is a privilege. As the weather warms and more riders take to the roads it's great to see how many choose this form of traveling.  I've made a personal commitment to wave to all other riders.  I figure they deserve a salute of respect for being on two wheels.

The other night one of our daughters reminded me that the motorcycle was responsible for getting a new sales account.  I had been trying to sell the hospital for years and getting no where, not even an appointment.  One morning as I rode into the parking lot I saw one of the engineers working on his motorcycle. I walked over and starting talking with him while he adjusted his clutch cable. He was on his morning break.  We didn't talk business at all - only motorcycles.  When we went inside he introduced me to his manager and said that they should start having me come around regularly and buying from us.  I was pleasantly surprised.
Yesterday, just before leaving the park where I took the first photo a man and his wife and son pulled into the lot in this well restored Toyota Landcruiser.  He drove around the grassy circle raising one and sometimes two wheels off the ground while his wife took pictures. It was fun to watch and a unique way to get on two wheels.

As I wrote one year ago today, I had no idea that riding would grip me the way it has when I began riding again 3 years ago.  "And with the number of riding years ahead of me dwindling, I'm going to continue to enjoy as many miles as the good Lord will allow."

Again, I wish you many enjoyable and safe riding miles.

God's speed.


  1. Happy anniversary! I am glad you enjoy riding that much, and I hope you get many more miles under your belt (actually wheels that is) with that beautiful Beemer of yours. Ride safe!

  2. Well done Mike!
    Motorcycling is a way of making lasting friendships like no other. Wonderful social leveller.

  3. Good post and happy anniversary with the RT. I was just thinking about the same subject a couple of days ago. Five years back, riding wasn't much more than a passing idea. Now, I am continually impressed by other riders I've met, both local and virtual. This has really been an enjoyable pursuit and I really wish I had started riding sooner.

  4. Sonja,
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind words! Safe riding to you!

    Thank you - I agree, motorcycles tend to not only break any lurking barriers, they promote a faster friendship curve. No pun intended.

    Thank you, I agree with you too. Motorcycling is an enjoyable pursuit that I wish I had started sooner. We're enjoying it now though.

  5. I echo the others in their anniversary comments! I'm coming up on year 5 and I continue to enjoy the heck out of motorcycling...though I have wandered a bit away from where I started. : )


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  6. Charlie6,
    Thank you for your comment. Congratulations on year 5 for you and yes you have experienced a lot in those years. It looks like you have the right combination now though. :-)

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and the Beemer!
    Hope you enjoy much more happy riding!

  8. Congratulations, as has been said already. I have to tell you how much I appreciate you and other newer riders sharing their thoughts. I've been riding on the streets for four decades, now. Yet you add value to my own riding. How?

    For one thing, I enjoyed your post after we had lunch at Subway in Corvallis. The one where you shared your experience with looking farther through corners. It feels good to be able to share something of value with another rider.

    More importantly, your expressions of fun and joy remind me to keep looking at riding with fresh eyes. You help me remember to start each ride wide-eyed with wonder that something could be so wonderful. I thank you for that.

    By the way, I saw a bike that looked like it could be yours in a downtown parking structure in Portland on Thursday. I wound Elvira up to the top level. After a service call at the US Bank tower I wandered town with a camera. What a refreshing morning!

    Here's to many more years for both of us. Hopefully a part of it will be riding together sometime.

  9. Stacey,
    Thank you for stopping by and your good wishes! I appreciate you visiting this blog from the photo arena.

    I really appreciate your comment my friend. You have no idea how timely it is. If the truth be told I'm generally on my last post. I won't go into the reasons but your comments have tipped the scales to the positive side more than you know.

    You're very good at training and coaching and that's why you're sharing the fruits of 40 years of riding with so many. I want to state again that you were the first official follower on this blog and I've always appreciated your support. More evidence of your unselfish generosity.

    I wasn't downtown Thursday but it would have been great to see you. I'll see you again out there sometime. Thanks again Dan!

  10. Congrats Mike, I rode a lot when I was young, then got married, moved to the US and didn't ride again until 4 years ago, now I'm not stopping again, I will be riding until I can no longer ride :-) I'm glad you enjoying it, I have so many trips in the pipeline :-)

  11. George,
    Thank you. Sounds like riding again has gotten a grip on you too. I feel the same as you in that regard. I'm looking forward to reading about your new trips.

  12. Wow, that sounds like quite an experience. The motorcycle community is always tight knit, total stranger can strike up a conversation and be at it for hours on the common factor of motorcycles. As I post here today, another year has gone by and I can't imagine how many more great experiences you have had. Anyway, visit Motorcycle Tires the next time you go out shopping for new tires.

  13. Wow! This post was made a couple of years ago, and I think at this point of time, you’re still having so much fun with your motorcycle. Am I right? Anyway, it feels great to hear people delighted in their likes and interests. Mike, I know you still got to visit more and more places with your Beemer! I hope you’ll update me on that. :)

    -- Hannah Parkin

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