Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Ride

When I left the house this morning for my ride through the country to the jail, there wasn't rain, fog, or even an nice sunrise. In other words, there was no drama. Since I haven't posted here in a week I was wondering if there would be a unique spot to get a photo that might give some sort of a topic. I continued to ride and think... ride and think... with more riding and thinking. After all that's what this blog is supposed to be about. 

Then I realized that I might not have anything to post from this ride so I relaxed and enjoyed the sights and sounds as usual. I say sounds but actually it was the roar of the wind around my helmet that I happened to notice today. Even with ear plugs when the windshield is adjusted just right the wind has a similar distant roar as on a commercial airplane. Kind of a nice treat to add to the piloting experience.

Just before entering the city where the jail is located there's a natural wetlands that I've written about before called Jackson Bottom Slough. The road at this point is a straight shot right through the wetlands to the city.

Because the road runs north and south it gives good opportunities to see some nice sunrises and sunsets with waterfowl included.

The sunrise didn't make a showing this morning with the cloud cover we had but the solitude of the early morning ride and the peaceful scenes were just the right combination to begin the day. Whenever I write about these Sunday morning rides I usually have the thought that I should try this on other mornings too. I do leave early some mornings during the week but there's too much traffic and mental interference. And Saturday mornings are nice but people can usually be out on the road early then too. Then I realize that early Sunday mornings are unique for being on a country road and enjoying the beauty of the things around us whether large or small. 


  1. Mike, really nice post here. I enjoy your perspective on your Sunday morning rides.

  2. Mike:

    It must be nice to be on less travelled roads. Not really possible for me as I live in the middle of an urban jungle

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Lance,
    Thank you!

    Yeah, and that "urban jungle" is probably thinning out a bit after these last two weeks. Canada did a great job hosting the Olympics.

  4. Creative photo with the yellow stripe in road!

  5. Thanks Dan. It's not a view we usually see.

  6. It is good to ride and think. But, sometimes, as you did this time, it is sometimes good to just ride and relax.....

  7. Thanks for stopping by Gary. "Relax and ride" sounds like a good post title.