Saturday, February 6, 2010

Change in Plans

I had some errands to run this afternoon before doing what I really wanted to do which was go to my new favorite place, the wetlands refuge, and maybe see some wildlife. But there I sat in traffic. 

My wife had to work today and I got some things done at home this morning. I saved the fun stuff until this afternoon. Fun stuff being the potential to take my cameras to the refuge and maybe meet a Screech Owl. While at the refuge the other evening I met a guy taking pictures who told me where this owl resides during the day.

My first stop was Costco to buy an external hard drive they have on sale. What a bad idea that was. Going to Costco on the afternoon before the Super Bowl. What was I thinking? I saw a couple with a 42" flat screen TV on their cart. I wonder how many of those they sold today? The guy in line in front of me had, among other things, a big crab leg in a plastic bag and a nice tub of rather large shrimp. Hmm... a seafood Super Bowl. It would have been interesting to get a hot dog and just sit and watch people but I had things to do.
And then this happened. I really didn't know it was supposed to rain today and it can be an extra bummer when you have something planned. Rain isn't ordinarily a bad thing but not good for hiking into the woods with cameras and tripod to get some Screech Owl pixels. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I can meet Mr. Screech. I don't think he's going anywhere soon. 

Here's an image taken the other day just before sunset. These guys were just cleared for takeoff. Actually I think my shutter startled them. I'll have to learn to be more stealth.


  1. Nice picture of the birds on the lake.

    It is something else however that I want to comment on. Looking at the picture in this post of the two lanes of traffic going nowhere and seeing that while you waited it started to rain, are you not tempted sometimes to lane split and just get there faster? I guess lane splitting in your State is not legal (I come from the UK where you can lane split everywhere, and everybody does). It would therefore drive me crazy to just sit there while there is a perfectly good piece of road to use.

    Whats the story here? Does nobody ever lane split?

  2. Hi Gary,
    No lane splitting in Oregon so the temptation is not there, at least for me. It's legal in California though. Sometimes a big ramp would be nice to do some car jumping like Evel Knievel! But that would get me into trouble. Thanks for stopping by and your comment.

  3. Traffic and Costco. I'm bummed already. I know what you mean about the rain. I thought it was supposed to be nice as well. I like the windshield/raindrops shot. I know it well. Great shot of the birds taking off.

    It's sunny where I'm at today (Sunday). Hopefully you're getting some of the sunshine as well. Happy hunting for the screech owl!

  4. Thanks Kari - it was a beautiful day today indeed! Hope you got to ride.