Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Riding

Saturday morning I met a couple of other jail volunteers for our informal monthly breakfast. The forecast called for another stellar day. Shortly after this photo was taken and after I continued down the road a guy on a sport bike closed in on me quickly. It was to be that way all day with motorcycles and bicycles out in full force.

Here's the after breakfast standing around in the parking lot shot that was initiated a couple of months ago. We met at 9:00 and didn't get to the parking lot until 11:30. My plan was to be home around noon to meet our son and go for a ride. His hours have changed at work and he has weekends off. We haven't gone for a ride together since September when we rode to Mt. Hood.

We decided to ride on Skyline Blvd. which runs along the crest of the West Hills of Portland. Famous for it's sweeping views, twisty curves, and expensive homes Skyline is a favorite route for motorcyclists and bicyclists alike. We stopped briefly at this Starbucks (point A on the map below) and found some other riders.

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Soon after we got onto Skyline I spotted this view from a small cemetery on the north side of the road. On the left is Mount St. Helens and on the right is Mt. Adams. Mount Rainier, close to Seattle about 160 miles away, was also visible just to the left of Mt. St. Helens but I didn't get it in this shot. Sorry, but this is the only photo I took on Skyline. We wanted to ride and have fun so stopping to take pictures was something I wanted to do but the enjoyment of the ride overruled. I can tease you a little and say that the view looking to the left which is south and the view along the road was really nice. We saw a lot of other motorcycles and many bicyclists enjoying the course too. We'll come back sometime and do some slower exploring with the camera.

We stopped at Rockcreek Tavern briefly on Cornelius Pass Rd. before we returned to Hwy 26 at point B. We went west on Hwy 26 to extend our ride before heading home.

We made one more stop which gave another photo opportunity. I thought this photo was interesting because it shows our bikes together and also the big shadow from his front wheel.

Then I turned around and noticed this tree filled with new buds. It capped off a nice ride with the hope of spring arriving soon and more rides to come.


  1. It is fabulous to see some blue skies! Saturday morning is the best to get out for a ride. It clears out the cobwebs and sets you up nicely for the weekend, especially if the weather is good. I nearly always feel so much better after a Saturday morning ride. Even though riding is still not possible in the UK due to the weather, it cheered me up just reading about yours.

    Gary’s USA Tour

  2. What fun! The road looks great Mike! I got in my first real ride on the Iron Sunday and I'm in love! We sat on the computer last night and mapped out a ride called "Tail of the Dragon" in North Carolina we what to make soon. Enjoy your days, each and every one!

  3. Mike:

    It's nice to meet up for Saturday breakfasts. I have been meeting friends for over a decade , 9am every Saturday. Hard to get LOONNNG shadows in the city, too many buildings blocking the sunlight.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. This isn't on topic for your post, but I came across something interesting. A while back you had some trees at the Wilsonville rest area in a photo. Looking back for something else, I came across an old post of mine with a photo of the trees. If you care to check it out, look here.

  5. Gary,
    I'm honored and glad that you were cheered up. I agree with you about early morning rides clearing the cobwebs. It's a great time to get out on the road. Thanks for you comment.
    Take care...

    That's exciting that you got out on the HD's and rode. You'll have to post that "Tail of the Dragon" ride. I hope you get nice weather soon.
    Ride safe!

    Wow, every Saturday for over a decade. That's a lot of breakfasts. It's great doing that regularly and enjoying each other's company. I think we're meant to socialize (in between riding). :)

    I plugged in that link and it didn't show trees. I do remember the post you did not too long ago where you met some people on bikes at a rest stop. One of the bikes was pulling a trailer with a dog riding in it. They were with CMA too. I remember thinking at the time, "I wonder if that's Wilsonville."

  6. Boy, I take a day off and there's all sorts of post to catch up on! I'm glad you got to for a ride with your son, and had such a nice day for it. Our flowering plum looks a lot like your tree. A few days ago there were tiny red buds, and now the blooms are beginning to open up. I love Springtime!

  7. The trees are starting to bloom! Seems early but we'll take it.