Sunday, February 7, 2010

Owl Hunt

It was a "chamber of commerce" kind of day today. The temperature in the low 50's with puffy white clouds created a nice backdrop at the wildlife refuge. Of course nice weather brought a fair amount of people to the natural habitat. 
I didn't want to take up a parking space so I parked near the RV parking.
Hey wait a minute, what kind of natural habitat is this? The hybrids have their own spots and motorcycles don't?
A little beyond the curve ahead to the left is the old oak where Mr. Owl makes his home.

And here's his address but he wasn't home today. He must have been out getting "groceries" although I think they usually do that at night.

Even though I didn't see the owl it was a nice outing with the cameras and a nice hike through some interesting and beautiful terrain. 

Okay, enough with the owl hunt. I'll get back to posts that involve more riding. Unless of course I happen to see an owl hitchhiking... 


  1. Too bad you couldn't say hi to Mr Owl, since he was out running some errands. Nevertheless, the pics look like it was well worth the trip. Nice photos, my favorite being the first one. It almost looks like a painting.

  2. Thanks Sonja! Sorry about the lock on your bike. What a bummer. Hope it turns out okay.