Tuesday, January 26, 2010

World Trade Center...again.

Just a few images to show you more of my work environment... downtown Portland. Down the street you can see one of the walk-ways over the street that goes to the World Trade Center. These "catwalks" as I call them are a photographers paradise. Here you find all kinds of angles, beams, windows and reflections. I did a post on this place back in the fall.

Just had to throw this one in as I parked the Beemer. That's a gym inside there. People were on stationary bicycles. They probably wondered why I took a picture of myself. Maybe they figure I have a blog.

If you look closely at the reflection on the upper row of windows you can actually see blue sky. Yep, blue sky in January - a real treat in Oregon.

Blending the two hobbies of photography and riding is a lot of fun, isn't it?


  1. Hi Mike
    I really like the third photo with all the geometric lines. It makes a very pleasant image. We live near a gym and it's funny how busy it's been this January. I'm sure it'll return to the normal flow of traffic as winter wears on.

    Were the photos from today? I looked out the window once this afternoon and saw Sunshine and blue skies. When I left work it was raining. :)

  2. Hi Kari,
    Yes, the photos were from yesterday (Tuesday). Most of the day was cloudy with sun-breaks. At times it looked threatening but I managed not to get rained on! Sorry you had a wet ride home.

  3. I took a reflection very much like your second photo just the other day at a bakery here in Wichita.
    The same thoughts of "What are they thinking of me" crossed my mind as I took the picture.
    For some reason I doubt that they thought I had a blog. I think it was more on the lines of how looney I must be.
    Blogging and 2 wheeled motorized riding are very congruent.

  4. Mike, great pictures of Portland, and I am glad you had a nice combo-ride!

  5. cpa3485 (Jim),
    I was kidding about them thinking I have a blog. In reality they might have thought, "Man, that guys is vain." I just think reflection shots are interesting sometimes, especially if they're suttle which this one wasn't. Thanks for commenting, Jim.

    Thank you. Every once and awhile I get overcome with how neat it is to ride and do photos. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Downtown Portland is assuredly an endlessly fascinating place. Nice photos. What's this about combining riding and photography being fun? You'll never catch me doing that!

  7. Thanks Dan - I think we're hooked!

  8. Who cares what they think!! I love that self-portrait! I love the architectural photos. Yep a great combo here Mike.

  9. The last photo is a subtle self portrait. I should say, a stealth portrait. ;)