Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out for a spin this evening

I had planned to work the Portland area today but ended up being pinned down at home at the office. About 4:30 I blasted off from the house to blow the cobwebs off and run an errand. At a big intersection near the store I got caught at the red light. As I sat there and then took off with the green light I counted 6 other motorcycles. The paper today said that this has been the third warmest January in 70 years. I think the warmer weather for Portland has translated into more riding days this year.

While at the store I browsed my favorite photography and motorcycle magazines. Rider magazine has an article about the new BMW sport bike, the S1000RR.
Whoa, this looks serious. Weighing in at 450 lbs wet with 193 hp, the horsepower to weight ratio is unlike anything else. This would definitely require wrist management.
When I got back to the beemer a guy walked over and started asking questions about it. He said he has a BMW 1200GS and another bike. We talked motorcycles for a while. I always find it interesting that a motorcycle or scooter can breakdown barriers making it easy for conversation with strangers. 

On the way home I came up our mountain the back way to maybe catch a good sunset. I like how the sunsets are getting later. Spring is just around the corner! I went into a newer neighborhood to find an interesting spot with a little altitude. There wasn't a good sunset tonight but I'm happy that I found what might be a good place to capture them. I didn't have my tripod but there was a light post conveniently located right there for bracing myself.  At first I took shots without the houses below but then decided to include them. I think it sort of adds an element of an urban setting.

Just after I got there a lady came out of her house which is to the right of the photo. We smiled and said hello to each other. I told her it looks like a good spot for sunsets and she nicely agreed as she got in her car and drove off.  But I wonder what she thought. Here's a guy on a motorcycle at the end of a dead end road under a street light with a camera and she's leaving her house with this stranger out front who might be appearing to be a photographer.

Oh well, she'll see me there again no doubt. Anyway I'm just a harmless biker-photo-nut.


  1. That's funny about the weather. Alabama has had a very cold year last year. This years not starting out any better! I think it's my fault, the cold (bleep) weather followed me down here!! I love that Beemer Mike!! Very nice! I stopped at the motorcycle dealer yesterday and like bluekat, sat on some 2010's. Wow! I'll take mine with a side of lower kit please!! Now I've been leary of leaving my house with a stranger lurking before (up north) but a guy on a bike can't take too much!! hahaha! Here, if you can see my house and are lurking, you're in danger of...well let's just say, in danger!!! hahaha! Grett post Mike.

  2. Mike:

    If truth be known, Mike is just the "scout", the Large Moving Truck is around the corner.

    I'd be a little concerned with all the power of that S1000RR, besides, you would never be able to shoot photos as the scenery would be all blurred.

    and I don't think Eve would be all that dangerous.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. That's funny Eve about the side order of lower kit! Did you get to test ride one? Test rides can be dangerous for your brain, kind of like chocolate. :) I hear ya too about being in danger lurking around your house. I get your drift. I think we all have to be a little more cautious these days.

  4. Bob,
    Yeah, your mind is working, that's scary Bob! The moving truck hadn't occurred to me.

    That new Superbike is way too fast for my blood but it looks pretty cool. I think a test ride would be fun just to see the throttle sensitivity.

  5. How creepy! A motorcyclist hanging about taking photos. Next thing you know they'll be posting the photos on some weird motorcycle blog.

    Striking sunset photo. Who would have thought of a blue sunset?

    Haggen stores are pretty cool. I often stop by the Tannesbourne one. The fact that there's two Starbucks close by has nothing to do with it, either, I swear.

    Oh, about the riders. I've always said that most riders are like bugs. They come out in greater numbers in proportion to the sun and warmth.

  6. Dan,
    I guess I was determined to get a sunset shot so blue would have to do. BTW, I didn't enhance the photo. All I did was sharpen it a bit. That's the real blue that was there.

    I like that about riders being like bugs - it seems true!

  7. Hello Mike - it's nice to be able to combine errands with great riding, and in your case, great photography as well! I've read a bit about that new Beemer - I have to hand it to them, they always think out of the box (I'm a fan of the BMW cruiser - I just think it is one fine bike), and this bike looks fantastic!

  8. Thank you Lance for your kind comment! I saw one of the Triumph Triple models in a parking lot yesterday. Nice bike! I like Triumph's Website and the photography on their bikes. Very inviting.