Friday, December 18, 2009

A Hold on Blogging

I just wanted to take a moment and humbly thank all of you who have visited and supported this blog for the past 4 months. Thank you for reading my puny little posts and for your kind comments and encouragement. I enjoy reading your blogs and and following what's going on in each of your lives and of course your adventures on two wheels.

After careful thought I've decided to back away from blogging for a time. Our 13 year old grandson is going through a difficult time in his life so Amber and I have taken him in to live with us. He needs family support and guidance so we want to be available as much as we can.  As all of you know, blogging is a time consuming affair. Let me say that another way - blogging can become a monster which always needs to be fed. For now I need to be freed from the monster.

I'd also like to say, if I've offended anyone with either content or comment I apologize. That was never my intent. Thinking back on some of my posts and comments I can see where at times I could have been more...shall I say, graceful. It's interesting how with online journaling you not only get a glimpse of the heart of others but you also see your own.

I'll be reading your blogs to keep up with what you're doing. And again, I want to give you a sincere thank you for making me feel welcomed in the blogosphere. I wish you a Merry Christmas and I wish you well for the coming New Year.

Ride safe and God bless.



  1. Mike,
    Have enjoyed your pictures and thoughts very much. I understand that life gets crazy sometimes and it's your blog, just do what you need to do.
    I'll miss it, but please keep checking in on other blogs, and if the mood strikes you, even if it is just a short post, just go ahead and post it. I for one will keep checking in.
    Take care

  2. Hi Mike,
    Sorry to hear you won't be blogging so much (still, I'm hoping you'll pop in from time to time!) I understand though. In the grand scheme of things, family takes priority over all the blogs, forums & what have you, on the internet.

    I hope everything works out well with your Grandson!! --You do remember that 13 year olds have an endless supply of endurence and energy? You may need to come back here just to rest! :)
    Will keep you in our prayers and wishing you all the best,

  3. Family always comes first. Let's not be strangers, though. We still have a lunch date to consumate!

  4. Just don't be gone too long. Take care of what you need to and please give the occasional update. Prayers for you and your family.

  5. Mike:

    I know what you are feeling. My posts take hours of my time, usually 3+ hours esp if it includes video . Time marches onward and you can never turn the clock back. You have to do what is best and have no regrets.
    You could go to a summary format, similar to "One a day - Mostly Seattle" but change it to "Once in a while . . ." Just post a picture once in a while with a couple of sentences.
    Since you are a photographer type of guy you could do the W/NW thing. Here is a link

    I've always been intriged with what comes up on this forum. NO WORDS, your reply is another image. there is a lot of imagination going on here. Hope things work out and keep in touch

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  6. Mike,
    I really enjoyed your postings and pictures, and I will miss your updates. But first things first, and family is more important. I hope that you will at least find some time to visit other blogs, or occasionally post a life sign through your own blog. Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

  7. Mike, I've really enjoyed your posts and pics, but totally understand the need to step away for a bit. It is very cool that you are spending extra time with your grandson, and my prayers go out to you and your family at this time. Take care.

  8. Mike, you've got your priorities in the right order.

    Your blog can enrich and entertain, but to nurture another human being is a gift to be cherished. What a wonderful age of possibility!

    Go in peace, and Merry Christmas!