Monday, December 7, 2009

Beautiful Brisk Day

A short post to report on the two mountains close to Portland.  Above is Mt. St. Helens as seen from the parking lot of the Washington State University Vancouver campus. Today was below freezing and we've had an east wind 10-20 mph, so visibility was very good. The mountains are stunning in appearance which gives them a "Wow Factor". Still, these pictures don't really show their true display today.

This view is from the campus.

Here's Mt. Hood as seen this afternoon about 12:30. When flying in or out of Portland most flight paths take a course very near Mt. Hood. People actually say out loud, "Wow"!

Hope you were able to ride today.


  1. Great pics, Mike. So much white up there now.
    I have a brief view of Hood and Jefferson from my Salem commute. They really stand out in this crisp, clear air. No ride so far this week...but I'm still optimistic. :)

  2. bluekat,
    I saw about 4 riders out yesterday. I guess if it's the only source of transportation you'd have to go for it, but it's too cold for me.

    Thanks for visiting and your comment. Have a great day!

  3. Mike:

    I was out on Saturday too, but after the frost had melted. As long as you layer up then no problems. I didn't even turn on my heated grips, nor did I put on my heated vest. I was very warm. I did get some slippage in the shadows later in the afternoon.

    How did you get that last Mt Hood Picture ? Did you ride one-handed without gloves, or park, then dart out into traffic ?

    It was -5c (23f) this morning

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. Bob,
    I must been a wimp, I flick on the heated grips at about 50F and if it's in the low 40's I put them on high for as long as I can stand it then back to low. I don't have heated clothing though. Maybe Santa will provide although I think long johns might be fine too.

    I was in the cage yesterday when I took those pictures. BTW, I wish we would go to the metric system here. -5c sounds more truthful than 23f. :)

  5. I rode Saturday and Sunday to class. 23 degrees Saturday with more freezing fog. Monday and Tuesday I rode. 17 degrees yesterday. Today the temperature was at 14. I finally cracked and took the car. Without electrics I've been cold for days. Good to finally be warm, I tell you!

  6. Dan,
    You are the man! Today I talked with the lead engineer downtown. He sold his Harley Fat Boy earlier this year but is getting another Harley in the spring. He lives out by the airport and rides 365 days a year. His wife worked at the same place for 12 years so they commuted together on the bike. He said one night it start freezing rain and they could only get about 2 blocks from home so he parked it in the back of a bar. That was the only disappointment that tarnished is record. Like you say, there's something to be said for a warm car.