Friday, December 11, 2009

The "Gingerbread" Benson Hotel

This is The Benson Hotel on Broadway in downtown Portland. Here's a quote from their Website. "Since opening in 1913, The Benson Hotel in Portland has graciously welcomed celebrities, CEOs and U.S. presidents. Now it’s your turn to discover the timeless beauty of our AAA Four-Diamond landmark, featuring Italian marble floors, Austrian crystal chandeliers and Circassian walnut paneling from Russia."

The Benson is one of the oldest hotels in Portland.  Every year at this time the chef and kitchen personnel do a fantastic job of replicating the hotel out of gingerbread and have it on display in the lobby.

As you can see, the detail on the front really matches the building. It's obvious a lot of hours go into making this. It's not only a display of workmanship but also of great patience. They make improvements each year on the design.

Have you made your gingerbread house yet?


  1. I did some work at the Benson, once. I had no idea of the gingerbread thing, though. I'm not into making gingerbread houses. It's much more fun to go to a gingerbread man roundup. A bunch of us motorcyclists get together at a secret location. Thousands of gingerbread men are let loose. We give them a few minutes to get their bearings and for their eyes to adjust to the light after being caged up.

    After a bit they start running. We chase them down on dual sport bikes. The goal is to rope them and stuff them in a bag slung over our shoulders. The first few we catch are actually the most tender. The fear hormones tend to make them tougher the longer they run.

    I know I'm now on Santa's BAD list but it's just too much fun to quit!

  2. Dan,
    You've been nipping at that Southern Comfort again. You really have an imagination! I'm not into making gingerbread houses either but it's tasty as cookies.

    Let me know about the next roundup...