Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonderful Creation!

While riding this afternoon I had that realization again of being grateful for being alive and having the ability to enjoy God's wonderful creation.  Yesterday I was in the Columbia Gorge taking in all the beauty and grandeur of that amazing area.

During the spring we get a mixed bag of weather, sometimes within the same day.  Storms blow in and out quickly.  Above is an image taken yesterday afternoon looking up the Columbia River to the east.

About an hour later the sun was out as seen from the parking lot of Multnomah Falls.  For more images from the falls look here

A side effect of riding is to become an amateur weather buff.  I like that.  Weather is another aspect that brings me closer to the reality of this wonderful creation.

I hope you're enjoying your part of the world!


  1. I spend quite a bit of time studying the weather. I try not to let it sway my decision to ride or not as much anymore and study it more to determine which clothes I should wear when I do ride. Nice photos too.

  2. Danny:
    We get a lot of rain which can get to be a drag, especially when we get a beautiful sunny warm weekend thrown in here and there. Thanks for your comment!

  3. You are so right! It's a wonderful world, no matter what weather... except for 35C minus and windchill... Great pics, I like the stormy one!

  4. Sonja:
    You're in a beautiful setting in New Zealand! Great photos on your post - thank you!

  5. Repeat after me. Oregon does not have beautiful roads!

    I actually saw a bike blow over up at Crown Point's Vista House, once. Just glad it wasn't mine. Not that the Gorge can be windy, or anything.

  6. Dan:
    That would be a bad nightmare with the bike blowing over. I could see where that could happen there.

    I saw one of your Team Oregon guys at the BMW dealer today!

  7. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!