Thursday, April 15, 2010

Okay, now I want to do video!

Bobskoot made the mistake of asking on a comment for mounting tape for his video setup.  I happened to find and stumbled onto this video. It's pretty cool to see the versatility of their mounting rig.

There are some places where I'd like to have a video camera to capture the expanse and beauty while riding, for example, Mt. Hood or the Gorge.  You probably feel the same way.  Some of the landscapes we see while riding are pretty amazing. 

Now I'll have to save my pennies!  Enjoy!


  1. Yep, That's what got me hooked. I'm already making a list "rigging" items. I've been wanting to get another magic arm, but now I think I will order a beginners rigging kit...

  2. This just means I have more stuff to pack...

    As I didn't have enough already.

  3. Mike:

    I was also thinking of another videocam for the rear shots, then put the rear view into a "PIP" (Picture in picture)

    I think I will skip a full videocam and go for something like the UltraFLIP with the 1/4-20 screws on the bottom. I already have RAM Mounts

    With my new Madstat windshield bracket I can angle my windshield and also raise it up and down a few inches. I have raised it so I can still look over the top edge. I think the wind buffeting has lessened.

    thanks for your help. I am going to try a Frame place on the weekend for that tape for mounting wall frames. they probably come in rolls of 3/4" or 1" wide.

    I think using Video is safer than trying to take a pix with your left hand and your camera upside down to reach the shutter button.

    I also have a few cheap tripod heads I could use to turn the camera around while riding

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Art,
    I like that rig in the video that clamps everywhere. My bike doesn't have too many round tubes though. This could get interesting!

    We have that tape for holding pictures up and yes, it is available in those widths. Home Depot might have it.

    I looked at the Flip Ultra HD online at Best Buy - it's on sale. The reviews are mixed though. The zoom is not too good but I don't like to zoom much anyway. I was going to ask what you thought of it with all the technical stuff. Thanks!

  5. I think 4 cameras would be ideal if you were shooting something special. 1. low forward pov on left behind rider
    2. med/high forward pov on right behind rider
    3. looking back at rider from handle bar
    4. looking back or at rear wheel.

    you could then switch back and forth between views or have a composite, but then you need time code to sync up all the views... just more money and longer infront of the computer screen...

    I have major motion picture tastes, but a snap shot budget... Oh well

  6. Mike:

    the following will keep you busy for 5 minutes

    Wet Coast Scootin

  7. There are some terrific ideas on that video. I am going to have to try some of them - I especially like the clamp because it goes on and off very quickly. Thanks for the post. I now need to do more research into Film Tools....

  8. Art,
    Yeah, I'm just thinking one camera would be neat someday but to make it professional more than one would be needed. That might be for someone who did it for a living. I've got that snap-shot budget too! :)

    Thank you - I'll look at those links. I just bet it'll take more than 5 minutes!

    That's what caught my interest on the clamp - quick and easy. It would work great for a still camera too. Is there any end to this? :)

  9. That Bobskoot...I'm going to have to quit going over there. I am fighting tooth and nail to avoid getting the video bug! :) (j/k Bobskoot!)

    I'll have to buy a cam...then I'll need a bunch of mounts...then the computer won't be good enough...and I'll have to replace that too!'s a slippery slope, this one!

  10. Mike - An end in sight to all of this? I am afraid about as much chance as Bob giving up his pink crocs - no chance!

    To be honest, I don't think any of us would really want to see an end to all of this. Sure, the gadgets needed, better video cameras, the different ways of mounting the camera's on a bike, the editing needed and the time taken are all much more than most of us are used to, but the end results are so good that the end justifies the means. A small sprinkling of videos amongst the still photo's does add something. As a few people have said on different blogs "It was just like I was there riding with you". That comment alone shows how good we think the videos are.

    After watching the video you posted I have ordered one of the Cardellini clamps. I will put a review about it on my blog when I have tested it.


  11. After seeing the video you posted about these clamps, I bought one and they are superb. They are very easy and quick to mount and they can be fixed in many different locations on a motorbike. I tried the clamp with my camera and was so pleased that I went and bought a second, to give me even more flexibility - generally one for pointing forward and the other for rear facing, or detailed shots. I would recommend them to anybody wanting to film from their bikes.

    I am really pleased that you bought this to our attention, so thanks!!

  12. That's great Gary! Thanks for your video! I especially like the way the rear facing camera captured the way other bikes approach you. It's really a cool view low and to the side.