Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pressing the Starter Button Again

This is how the Beemer looked early Thursday morning after opening the garage door.  Just a trace of morning light was glancing off the side.  Not having its starter button pressed in almost a week it seemed to have a cold and lonely look.

I was leaving the house for the 170 mile trip to Roseburg but with the temperature at 39 (F), the starter button wouldn't be pressed that morning either.  I'm not opposed to riding in 39 degree weather but to sustain that for 3 hours is beyond my scope of what I call enjoyable riding.

We've had cold, wet, and windy weather for most of the week but Thursday turned out to be a nice day. Of course, that's the day I didn't ride. Yesterday the rain and wind came back until this afternoon.

Some might remember from a previous post in which I wrote about a Saturday afternoon ritual I have of making a yogurt run.  We like the yogurt but I really like the excuse to ride on Saturday afternoons and not be concerned about the weather.  This afternoon I pressed the starter button again and reconnected with my machine.

It was great to get out on the road again; to hold on to the handle bars and feel the pull of the engine.  And it's always fun to stop and take some photos along the way.  I took the long way home on some backroads.  I couldn't go too far though because the yogurt had to get home. Next time I go a week without riding I'll have to remember to ride first then get the yogurt.

I hope you've been pressing your starter button these days.

I wish you and your family a blessed Easter!


  1. What a shame to have a 170 mile trip ahead of you and have winter return to spoil it. I agree that's too far for me at that temp. I'm glad you found a little time to ride, and a few dry spots in the road to scratch that riding itch.

    I have the same issue when I go to fill up the tank. A trip to the gas station can easily put 20-30 miles on my odometer, and the gas station is only 3 blocks away!

  2. Happy Easter to you, as well. May we remember the the sacrifice and act accordingly.

    Yogurt run, eh? Hmmm, Katie likes yogurt. Just added another "excuse", I mean, reason to the list!

  3. Kari - Just getting home from church we realized that we're out of bread. Oh well, another riding excuse! Happy Easter!

    Dan - Happy Easter to you! I'll bet they have a TCBY Yogurt in Albany. It's good and it might just be worth about 30 miles of riding!

  4. Mike:

    I'm not sure this will be of any help, but we need a loaf of bread. Can you pick up a loaf somewhere in tax free Oregon and bring it up to BC for us. Of course we will re-imburse for gas.
    Maybe even give you some yogurt and a meal.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  5. Bob,
    Your comment cracked me up! That's perfect... an overnight errand and with yogurt! Thanks for the offer!