Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Catalog Challenge

Late last week our company rolled out a new catalog that's the largest we ever had.  For those of you familiar with Grainger, ours is slightly larger but weighs less because we used recycled paper.  Monday and Tuesday I took the car so I could haul more catalogs to freely disperse.  Today though, the weather was too nice to be in the cage.

With a little planning I managed to get six of them on the Beemer, although I think I can get a maximum of 10 on board.  I can bungee a case of 6 on the seat behind me and then put 2 in each side case.  Of course it can't rain with this setup so we'll see how many more days I can do this.  The plan is to hand present the new catalog to the largest accounts.  All others will get one with their next order, hopefully prompting their next order.

I know that many of you are planning to come to Oregon for the BMW Rally in July.  I commend you for your packing ingenuity.  Bringing as much as you can stuffed into every nook and cranny can be a challenge.

As I rode past Portland State University this afternoon I looked over at  the motorcycle parking area as I usually do.  I thought this white beauty was a Beemer cafe racer so I went around the block to check it out.

It's a Honda but I'm not sure what model.  It's either a replica bike or one that's restored. The "toaster tank" reminds me of the Honda 50 I use to ride.

I like the shape of the handle bars.  This bike was really clean!

Once a month I go to the Portland VA Hospital.  There are always a lot of bikes lined along this wall on the ground floor of the parking structure.  I parked between two beautiful Harleys today.  As a matter of fact, vets apparently like Harleys because there are usually a lot of them there.

I had to throw in a parking structure photo, it was too tempting.  The way the light filtered in and put those guys into silhouette and the gleam off the front wheels was too much to resist. 


  1. Wow! That honda is awesome. Classic and very clean. It's always nice to see the parking garage shots, and a nice bunch of bikes all tucked into their spots. I don't think I pass any bikes parked and waiting on my commute. I used to, but either they all quit riding, or they've relocated their parking area.

  2. Mike,

    that Honda is a great looking bike, it's nice to see that it's being ridden. It looks like it may have started out life as a 350 Dream, from the tank and motor.


    1. looks like a dream tank on a cb72 frame

  3. Mike:

    You mentioned Grainger. I am looking for some very strong double sided tape (with foam core). I have been reading that 3M makes this stuff. It is for mounting my GoProHD videocam. The camera came with a few plastic mounts with this double sided tape already installed on the base.

    Yesterday I installed my new Madstat Windshield bracket. I removed the stationary stock W/S and installed this adjustable bracket which pushed the W/S forward an inch or two. I would like to mount the GoProHD further forward but if I remove the mount it will destroy the tape, so I need more tape, but very strong. In technical terms . . . there is sticky stuff on both sides with flexible rubbery/foamy stuff inbetween the layers to absorb vibrations.

    I just need to know what I am looking for. Catalogue number of the 3M product and then I will find out where to get it locally, unless you sell it. I only need a few pieces or some small strips I can cut myself.

    thanks for your help

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Hi Kari - I hope people haven't stopped riding. The nice weather will bring them out! The bike was very clean! Thanks Kari!

    The more I looked at it I thought the motor looked like it's fairly big for the frame. I mean that bike probably is quick... and maybe loud with the straignt pipes. Thank you!

    We have some 3M Scotch Mounting Tape which is sticky on both sides. I don't think that's what you want. But I did some poking around and found these guys:

    Those guys might be a handy source for you even for future items.

    Thanks Bob!

  5. Mike,

    that link ( is going to cost me a fortune... thanks for finding it.


  6. Art,
    I've been working at home. I started clicking around on that Website while eating my lunch and found some good stuff too!

  7. Well spotted regarding the Honda, it's a beauty. I think it's a 1965 CB72 Honda Dream 250 which has been nicely turned into a cafe racer. Capable of blowing off the British 500's of the era!

  8. Wow, nice call Geoff! I did a google search of the CB72 and indeed that's what it looks like. I'll have to see if it's there again and really check it out closer. Thanks for stopping by!