Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rusty Memories

Today I was in Irondad's neck of the woods.  The morning started in Albany visiting the usual customers; the jail, the hospital, and the college.  After that it's a short hop on a highway to Corvallis, the home of the Oregon State Beavers, where I visit basically the same sort of customers. The above photo was taken at Oregon State near all of the shops in the facilities department.  Monochrome gives it more of a state government parking lot look.

I had one of these when my wife and I were dating and first married.  Mine wasn't rusty and it was a convertible. The first time she got in it on our first date she asked if it was a Karmann Ghia. That wasn't a cool thing to ask a Porsche owner but I forgave her. We still laugh about that car mix up.

There's one thing that motorcycle owners have in common with Porsche owners. Most of us wave to other motorcyclists. Porsche owners blink their lights to each other.  It's a recognition that you have an affiliation. I like that.

While riding home I stopped to take some photos of this landmark. The car marks the entrance to the property of a guy and his son who restore old Porsches. There isn't a sign for the business so the car looks out of place near the road. Too bad it has to rust away.

I should pull in this place with a Karmann Ghia and ask if they'll work on it!


  1. Cool pics Mike! Same camaraderie among MX5 Miata owners in NZ. However, my wife tends to be scornful of other Miata drivers if they have their softops up on cool or showery days - not true enthusiasts etc! My dentist is from Oregon and drives a Porche - now I know why he charges an arm and a leg!

  2. It sure is sad to see that car just sitting there in that field. I have never owned or even been in a Porsche but I sure have admired a few.

  3. Geoff,
    Thanks for your comment! I bought that Porsche in 1970 for $2600 which was the going price for those cars then. Now it would be worth over $30,000. It was on the lot of a Porsche/Audi dealership in So. California owned by an ex football player by the name of Merlin Olson who played for the LA Rams. The car next to it on the lot was a 911 rumored to be previously owned by Steve McQueen. I sure wish I still had that "Karmann Ghia."

    I pass by this rusty car once a month and think the same as you. It's too bad it has to rust but it would be a lot of work and money to fix it. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Geoff: via: Mike:

    we used to have a Miata too, 1st generation. Also before a few RX7's and a couple of MGB's.


    I really liked the one with the slant front, don't know the model, or the 550 spyder. I've had lots of sports cars, MGB, Alfa 2000GTV, Guillia Spyder, mostly convertibles 67 mustang convert, 67 firebird convert, sebring convert. I still have my C5 corvette roadster which I insure only during the summer and we get to wave at each other, same as most bikers

  5. Bob,
    You've had some nice cars. And the C5 isn't too shabby either! I think the Porsche slant front you mentioned is the 911 which came along around 1967 after these 356's stopped production in '66. I was a 356 purist back in the day and didn't like the 911's when they came out. But I've liked them for many years. Actually any old sports car is nice which reminds me, car shows will be starting soon!

  6. I was at the OSU keyshop on Wednesday. On the bike.

    Back in the sixth grade I had a crush on my teacher. She drove the VW fake Porsche. Back then I didn't care if it wasn't a real one.

    In a way it's sort of sad that we lose that innocence as we get older. Maybe that's why I drive a Kia for a business car when I can't ride. Keeps me grounded.

    Nice photo of the car. I like the fact that it's appealing to look at while I write my own story about the car. On the other hand, I'll bet it's a pain to mow the grass around it!

  7. You probably parked in the same area. I've been to that keyshop too.

    I had a crush on my 4th grade teacher and I don't know what she drove. I think in the 4th grade I was too young to care. Your comment made me think of her.

    Kias are nice. Our oldest daughter has one. They go a bazillion miles until they need work.

    Take care, Dan.