Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Serenity of an Orchard


  1. That little scooter sure makes a nice subject! Perfect color to pop out of the black and white. It's retro styling really fits in with the black and white.

  2. Hi Kari,
    We went to the coast for the weekend so I'm a little behind in my comments. I've got to sell the scooter but keep putting it off. I rode it on a short errand the other afternoon. It sure is fun! Thank you.

  3. I really like this one. I like it when people get creative with the colors in their photos.

  4. Thanks Danny and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Mike:

    I've still got my Maxi-scoot. Insurance is expense up here to insure both. But in retrospect a small 150cc for around town use would be the best and they can be parked mostly everywhere, where a bike can't

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  6. Bob,
    The scoot is a lot of fun and very zippy but the motorcycle is always the first choice. I don't ride the Vespa very much so I should sell it so someone else can enjoy it. Then I have the feeling I'll regret it someday. You know how that is. It would've been nice to keep every car you've ever had, huh?