Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PDX at Night

My wife has been out of town on business.  Last night I drove to the airport to to pick her up.  Her flight was suppose to arrive late in the evening so I had plenty of time to take photos along the way.  As I crossed over the top deck of the Marquam Bridge and looked to the left, the night view of downtown Portland was a treat as usual.  I've been meaning to get some night shots for a while so it was a last minute decision to exit on the east side of the river and find a good viewing spot.

I drove down the street that parallels the river which during the day is busy with traffic from businesses and also the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).  At night the area is to be traveled more cautiously than the day. I found a good spot under I-5 in a business parking lot.

I just had the G10 with me and forget the tripod so a couple of these shots are not as sharp as they should be. I also had the ISO up which caused some noise. This has sparked me to want to come back and do it right.

During the day this area for picking up passengers is normally chaos like most airports.  This photo shows it must be late.

On a recent post on my other blog I talked about getting "busted" the other day by security for taking pictures in the parking lot of a hospital I sell to. So before I came to the airport I called to find out the policy on cameras.  They said I was okay as long as I didn't take photos of sensitive areas.  That's why I only took the G10 to be a little more discrete.

With the camera sound effects on mute I was able to take some candid shots. This is the waiting area where the passengers exit.  I wonder if security knows about that guy's camera on the left?

Amber's plane was a little late so I ended up people-watching for quite some time.  I had forgotten how interesting it is to people-watch at the airport, especially as passengers are arriving.  Sorry I don't have too many photos. I just might bring the camera back some evening for a photo assignment.


  1. Hi Mike
    I love the cityscape. You just can't get something like that in a small town. I wondered how the G was for night shots. It looks like it did a nice job.

    I don't think I've been to the airport since sometime in the 70's...long before all the security stuff. If security comes by, just distract them with the other photographer. He looks much more suspicious with that big ol' camera.

    I'm glad you wife had a safe trip and is back home with family.

  2. Thank you Kari. The G is great for night shots, I should've had my tripod though.

    I'm glad my wife is back too - thank you!

  3. The skyline is most excellent. I often go over the Marquam Bridge at night and think about taking a photo. Silly me, I consider stopping on the bridge. Your idea is better!

    If the security folks are any good at their job they should spot a camera that obvious, don't you think?

  4. I think the worst experience would be to get stuck in traffic on the Marquam and not have a camera! Same thing for the Glenn Jackson Bridge.

  5. Wow! It's amazing how you reframe things. Now I can't wait to get stuck in traffic at night on one of those bridges. Brilliant! Seriously, I never thought of that happening even though I did take photos on 205 the other night.

  6. That's why I always try to have a camera on me! :)