Sunday, March 7, 2010

Future Rider?

Yesterday afternoon our 6 month old granddaughter got to sit on a motorcycle for the first time. She seemed to be a natural and at one point even reached for the controls. 

It's kind of funny but also kind of scary. I like her riding pants and check out the riding bib.


  1. What a cutie! Sure is gettin' to be a lot of little future riders around these parts!

  2. So you caught the baby picture bug, too. You are such a tease. When are you going to show us the rest of her face? :)

  3. Thanks Kari. Yeah, we could almost form an Oregon chapter of Future Riders of America! :)

    Grandma won't let me show the grandkid's complete face on the internet. I do have some shots from the weekend with just her eyes. Maybe I'll post some of those. :)