Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Divine Light

As I was leaving for church this morning, the fog mixed with the diffused light from the sun and created an interesting effect.

We live on a flag lot so our driveway is fairly long. This morning God gave a unique lighting moment to an ordinary part of landscape that I normally take for granted.

In old testament times God said that the rainbow would be a sign to man of His covenant that He would never again flood the earth. Rainbows are more than a beautiful display of light.

I left the house late this morning even with the change to standard time, but I paused to take a few pictures. The foggy driveway was a reminder of how He can call attention to the beauty of creation while I'm usually concerned with the busyness of life.

Riding and thinking.


  1. Very nice Mike - thank you for the reminder of His goodness.

  2. Very nice photos. #3 being my favorite. It's nice when we can recognize Gods gifts especially early in the morning when our brains may be a little foggy too.

  3. i had fog in the canyons this morning, hanging low over the hills and creeks, and i thought of you and this post. these are lovely pics.

    as a side note, its interesting how many references ive heard to rainbows recently...hmmm... great post Mike, thank you.