Sunday, November 8, 2009

Portland Leaf Status

We're more than halfway through fall and not all of the leaves are down in Portland. In the early 80's we lived in Connecticut for a short time. I remember most of the trees being bare by Halloween. It seems here in the Northwest the changing of the leaves is a slower process than in the East. Our milder temperatures probably contribute to that.

The beauty in the scenery this time of year mixed with the long shadows produces quite a few photo opportunities. All of this comes together so quickly it can be easy to miss unique moments.

It's a call to those who enjoy taking pictures to keep a camera handy at all times. Which reminds me of a recent post by Chuck Pefley who took a camera to his dentist appointment. You wouldn't think you'd find too many photo opportunities at the dentist, but he got a great shot of a high-flying window washer doing his work right outside the window.

On the ride to the county jail this morning in the crisp fall air, I think I got a slight scent of bacon cooking while I was passing by a house. A little further ahead I smelled smoke from a wood burning stove. And shortly beyond that a couple of wedges of Canadian Geese were flying over the Jackson Bottom Slough. They were coming in for a landing, arriving I think from Bobskoot's area.

Enjoying little experiences like this makes me grateful for recently re-discovering the joys of riding. I was starting to waffle on riding everyday because of the weather turning colder and wetter. But I've decided to ride as much as possible as we head toward the dark days of winter.

The above photo was taken a few years ago in Corvallis. The age of the car and the neighborhood gives the feeling that it might be the 50's. Not that I would know...I've only seen cars from the 50's on TV. Okay I was around in the 50's.

Seeing all these leaves makes me realize I need to rake.

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