Friday, November 12, 2010

Leaves Everywhere & Foggy Scenes

I've probably written this before, so please excuse me if I have, but this is my favorite time of year.  The cool crisp air and the autumn colors trigger an internal awareness that the holidays are fast approaching.  It's a great time for family, food and photos.  And of course riding through the colors and the unique lighting are both special too.

When I was a kid my dad and I would rake the leaves each Saturday morning.  I was highly encouraged to do this weekly ritual before playing with my buddies.  Now a leaf blower does the trick.  I wish we had one of those back in the day!

These leaf shots were taken yesterday on the campus of Oregon State University.  A few weeks ago I wrote on the other blog that when I see scenes like this it reminds me of pumpkin pie or eggnog. I guess another internal trigger.

The fog was rolling in on the ride home this evening after working at the jail.  I've lightened the photo a little to make things more visible.  To the right is a familiar field that I call "The big field".   Most recently corn was growing there.

Here is part of the field with fog muting the trees in the distance.  Next spring the field will be filled with water and look like a lake.  It's a favorite spot for taking photos depending on the lighting.

After taking the photo above I turned around to walk back to the bike.  I noticed flashing lights.  It was a county sheriff motor-cop who stopped to make sure I was okay.  We've waved to one another on this road before.  I told him I just stopped to take photos of the distant fog.  He agreed that it's a good spot.  I thanked him for stopping and told him I appreciated it.  Pretty cool, tax dollars at work.

I take a longer way home on Fridays.  I think of it as sort of a treat after the work-week and being sprung out of jail.  Not that those two things are bad but rather it's the first time of the week where I don't have to be somewhere at a certain time.  The official beginning of the weekend and what better way to start than riding.

As it got darker and foggier the lighting became more intriguing.  More evidence of the season.

As the days get shorter I seem to get a little sluggish; feeling like I don't have as much drive to work on unfinished projects around the house.  Maybe I should be gathering pumpkin pies for hibernation.  Nah, better keep the projects going so I can ride guilt free.

God's speed.


  1. Mike - that first photo is breathtaking, couldn't keep my eyes off it! Very well done indeed. Love all the other shots of the leaves too.

  2. Geoff - thank you - appreciate it.

  3. that was nice of him to stop.

    love them shots,
    I really like to drive though the fallen leaves, on the road, it sounds like waves hitting the side of truck, ;)

    squash are much better pies :)
    no snow let, :(

  4. Jel - yeah, that's a nice wave simulation with the leaves on the road. I haven't tried squash pie, it sounds good! Thank you!

  5. Great pics of the leaves. My favourite though is the very last fog/dawn picture. Beautifully done.

  6. My browser crashed trying to tell you how nice your photographs are and how they reminded me that I completely missed the leaves this fall myself.

    Your part of the country looks magical and a great place to ride. Be careful out on those wet leaves!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  7. Sonja - Thank you and thanks for stopping by! That last one was actually taken last night on the way home.

    Steve - If you're using a Mac it crashed because of a video I had linked here. It wasn't a YouTube video so it created problems with my Mac too and Flashplayer. I've taken the video off which will take care of the problem. I've been meaning to take it off anyway.

    Thanks for your comment, Steve, and for stopping by! I figured that first shot might catch someone's attention about riding in wet leaves. I rolled the bike carefully into the puddle. :-)

  8. How about a little of each - gather a few pies and get some projects done?? ;o)

    That misty shot of your bike is fabulous!!

  9. Stacey - now that's a good idea! :-) Thank you!

  10. Nice series from your travels. I really like that first picture, bike and leaves. The dark pavement make the leaves pop and slight reflections in the water - great photo.

    This is my favorite time of year as well. It's peaceful and settled after the business of Summer Your roadside images emphasize that peaceful calm, the last one especially. I gripe about the fog and rain, but I love how mist looks in the trees and hills.

  11. Kari - I know what you're saying about the rain at least. I like fog but the rain wears on me sometimes being in it most of the time. Thank you!

  12. Great post and interesting comment about the leaf blower. The image of you plowing through those leaves with a blower came to mind and completely ruined your third photo.
    I always reach for the rake before the blower, it's something about the quiet sound of the rake sweeping through the rustling leaves, listening to the birds and sounds of nature I enjoy. I guess I'm never in a hurry to rake leaves.

    I love the fog pictures, I don't get out of work soon enough to enjoy the sunset and rolling fog anymore. Although I appreciate the extension of Daylight Saving Time, I have had to resign to the dark and rainy commute. My only consolation is that rain equals warmer temperatures and no ice.

    As always, thanks for taking the time to stop for photos, ride safe.

  13. Troubadour,
    Thank you for your comment! I haven't checked back here in a few days - have had other things going on plus my 6-1/2 year-old desktop died.

    I agree with you on the sound of a rake and the leaves. Along with that goes the anticipation of watching a football game or two in the afternoon after raking. There are just some really unique things about fall that are great!

    Dark and rainy commutes are not the best and they're certainly not good for photos. Looks like we're in for some colder weather in the next week or so. Take care and ride safe!

  14. Beautiful photos Mike and a great story. My yard is full of leaves but we will try mulching them into the yard this year. After many years of living in a treeless yard it is a complete 180 living here! But it amazes me that in the Spring the leaves are gone as if they never were here!

  15. Eve,
    We do a combination of raking and blowing depending on where the leaves are. Like you we have too many leaves to pick up so I herd them into areas where I want mulch. It is amazing that they disapear. Thank you!