Friday, November 26, 2010

Flying a Quick Mission

I haven't ridden since last Saturday due to the weather.  We've had temps in the 20's & 30's (F) all week with a touch of snow and ice.  The other night while looking through some photos I found this intentionally underexposed, I mean overexposed shot and decided to post it. Maybe it could be a photo for an article on Germany vs. Italy... or maybe not

My wonderful wife, Amber, bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner on Tuesday.  Having two dogs and two cats our kids keep telling us that we certainly qualify for a Dyson so we splurged and are now proud owners.  Wow, that thing really... picks up.  I won't say the other word.  Since I'm the designated vacuum guy at our house, I'm now in hog-heaven!

Anyway, yesterday we noticed that many retail stores, including Home Depot,  have the same vacuum on sale for "Black Friday" for $39 less than what we paid on Tuesday.  So my mission today was to go back to the store with the ad in hand along with our receipt.

I was surprised at first because the return lady seemed like she wasn't going to honor the new sale price.  She said it was a special deal for this weekend only.  So I asked her to price match Lowe's, Best Buy, and others. Eventually we got it worked out and all was good.  Working in retail on Black Friday has got to be a challenging ordeal.  Amber did it for many years in our early lives.

The trip to the store and the return home were dry but while inside the beemer got a little shower.  I find that a ride after several days of not riding to be a little sweeter than usual.

As I rode up the hill towards our house, feeling the pull of the bike and hearing the high pitched hum of the motor, I felt the warm feeling of gratitude again. Several things came to mind but the ongoing enjoyment of riding a motorcycle for transportation usually triggers the gratitude.

Even quick errands on Black Friday are a gift.

God's speed.


  1. Hi Mike,

    No comment about bikes this time, just about your Dyson. We have 2 cats, grey and pure white. Grey carpet so only the white shows (badly. Our old vacuum cleaner was useless with cat hairs so we bought a Dyson about 6 months ago - one of those with the power head.

    My word... we were seriously embarrassed first time we used it - filled it up before we'd finished the lounge!!! We're so impressed with it and wished we'd bought one years ago.

    Must be a first not talking about bikes. Sensitive New Age Guys of course :-)

  2. Mike:

    I'm going to have to check out the Dyson. I've seen ads on TV so perhaps that funnel/tornado action really works. Now I wonder if Geoff's model actually S--ks the opposite direction.

    I was in retail for a while, where else, in the Camera Department selling cameras. Time goes fast when you are busy, otherwise the standing around can be tedious. I also worked in a very busy Toy Deparment during Christmas

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. oooh - a Dyson! I've been looking at one of those! Glad you like it and that the Black Friday deal worked out for you!!

  4. Geoff,
    I said exactly that to Amber when we first used it - "we should've gotten one years ago!" And you're also right about being embarrassed about how much it picks up. We got the "animal" model. Thanks Geoff.

    Geoff and I sound like we're spokesmen for Dyson. I highly recommend checking them out.

    Being in retail selling cameras would be fun. I went to a camera store the other afternoon and spent about 30 minutes talking with a very knowledgeable young sales lady.

    Amber and I met while we both worked at a department store. We worked there during Christmas too. The toy department would be crazy to work! Thanks Bob.

    The Dysons are expensive for a vacuum cleaner but we got tired of buying a new vacuum every couple of years. Hopefully this will last a while. Thanks Stacey!

  5. Nice shot showing the contrast between the Beemer and the Ducati. No comment on vacuum cleaner brands as we keep getting the ones that need replacing every couple of years...


  6. I love getting those sale price discounts after the purchace...I mean it's great to get them on sale but when you just miss it by a week or so it's nice that you can get that. As for riding...brrrr! It's 27 degrees in northern Alabama this morning! I can barley get out there when it's 60!! I am such a wimp!!!

  7. Richard,
    Our son actually convinced us over time that the Dyson brand holds up. He and his wife have had one for three years and really like it. Thank you for stopping by Richard!

    I agree, discounts are good anytime! Amber has always been a bargin shopper and these days it's a must.

    I wouldn't ride in 27 degrees either, Eve. Your weather did a turn-around from last week! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Did you mean "overexposed" and not underexposed? Nice shot though, the overexposure makes your bike appear to glow, nice :-)

  9. We've the Dyson as well, it's the Beemer of vacuum cleaners! Good stuff.

  10. George,
    Yes, thank you for correcting me, I meant overexposed. I've corrected it above. I always get those two mixed up because of how it works in a darkroom. The longer paper is exposed to light the darker it gets and vice versa. Thank you.

    I like that..."The Beemer of vacuum cleaners." Thanks for stopping by!

  11. How did I miss this post!
    I haven't been on the bike for nearly two weeks now. My own fault, I could have gone for a short ride this weekend, but holed up in the house instead. I'll find a way to ride this week. Have to say, if I'd rode the bike to a store on black Friday there would be a very good chance I'd just keep on riding.

    What you said about riding, enjoyment and gratitude - so true. :)
    Have a good rest of the week!

  12. I like the first pic very much. Germany vs Italy? As for bikes it means solid and clockwork technics vs. sexy design and passion. Having said that, in soccer it is just the other way round...

  13. Kari,
    Thank you - I hope you've had a chance to ride recently!

    Thank you! I think you said it great!

  14. I have to rub it in and say I've been riding steadily except for the one day we had snow!

    Really appreciate the unusual perspective photos. Interesting how these tightly focused shots can be so interesting.

    You say you enjoyed the high pitched whine of the motor. Are you sure you weren't riding the Dyson?

  15. Irondad,
    You are rubbing it in! Due to work issues and having someone work with me, I've been in the cage a lot these days.

    Your comment about the high pitched whine put a smile on my face. Beemers do whine above idle; that tractor sound is only at idle. ;)

    Thank you!

  16. Like everyone else it looks like you haven't been riding in a while... at least if your blog follows your riding. It's gotten to be too damned much even for me these days. It's the long, cold stalemate until spring. Without a garage I can't even do the engine work I'd like. What a pain. Hope you get in more riding than I do this time of year...

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life