Saturday, October 16, 2010

To Sell or Not to Sell... and "Spider Bike"

After buying the beemer, the Vespa sat in the garage for quite a while.  It was too much fun riding the bigger bike and in some aspects safer too.  After a couple of months of inactivity I thought about selling the Vespa.

Then one day I rode it to our son and daughter-in-law's town about 30 miles away.  With it's responsiveness and agility it was a blast with a different style.  It didn't take long to get back that familiar feeling of the unique ride.

So, every once-and-awhile I take the Vespa for an errand.  It helps keep the battery charged and the gas from getting stale.  I know I could use a battery tender and Sta Bil additive but riding it is much better.

Sometimes I still have thoughts of selling it.  But our oldest granddaughter will be 16 soon and starting college faster than we can imagine.  Maybe she'll want to use it at college.  We'll see what happens.

For those of you who watch American Chopper you know that they've done a couple of spider bikes.  Here's my humble version of a spider bike.

Spiders have been making many garage-webs lately.  There was a piece in yesterday's paper on the fact that such sights are common as fall settles in.  Spiders try to snag more insects before laying eggs for a new generation in the spring.  Maybe on this particular morning she wanted to go for a ride.

I wonder how they know where to make their web?


  1. Love that last shot of the's a keeper and so is she! I took a jumping spider for a ride on my Harley one day Mike! Didn't mean too but I think he enjoyed it!!

  2. Same here, love the last two shots of the Vespa, the one in front of Staples is perfect. Keep it, at least for the nostalgia effect :-)

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  4. George,
    As I looked through photos of the Vespa it made me want to keep it.

  5. I like that shot of the Vespa in front of the field of flowers... but um, the spiders...not so much!! ;o)