Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Ride

I rolled out this morning at about 7:20.  I'm a volunteer chaplain at the county jail.  Every other Sunday morning I do chapel service.  This wasn't my usual morning though, I was filling in for the guy who usually does the 3rd Sunday.
We live on a hill and as usual this time of year, low-lying fog in the valley can be a photographic treat.  

It was the first cold morning of the fall season.  The ride to the jail is only about 16 miles and takes about 20 minutes.  I figure I can take just about anything for 20 minutes if I'm riding.  Since I stopped so many times to take photos my hands got a little cold.  Eventually I didn't want to let go of the heated grips.  Has someone come up with a way to get the foot pegs red hot?

Some might find volunteering at a jail a little different but I really look forward to it.  After all, they're a captive audience.  Sorry, a little jail humor.  The staff at the jail are hard working nice people.  I respect the work that they do and their commitment to keeping the jail safe and secure.  Many of the deputies ride which makes for a nice commonality.

I also look forward to these Sunday morning rides.  Though I ride this route often, on Sunday mornings it unfolds much better than other times.  One never knows what the elements and the early morning light are going to reveal.  And as I've written before, it feels like this time is more solitary than usual.

Once out in the country the temperature got as low as 34F.  This made my temp gauge flash and show the blinking snowflake icon.  No snow this morning though, here is the first sunlight hitting Mt. Hood about 80 miles to the east.

About a mile down the road I stopped again to capture the sun just peeking over the horizon.  I'm looking forward to more Sunday morning rides and what will come with them.  Isn't it great to be riding and enjoying the beauty of the world in which we live?  I don't ever want to take any of this for granted.  Each moment is a gift and I'm grateful.

God's speed.


  1. I have never had cold feet on the motorcycle. I count my blessings. :)

    Your ride description is similar to my commute. Quiet and peaceful, with a fresh view each morning, except maybe the mornings with thick fog. Even the return home is nice, usually. Very calming after work.

    The photo with Mt Hood in the background is beautiful. I'd have to pull over for that scene too, just to enjoy the moment if nothing else. Very nice.

  2. Kari,
    The cold feet only happens on really cold mornings and/or long cold rides where my feet don't move much. I've always had a theory about the cold feet thing. My heart-rate is low due to years of aerobic exercise and I'm 6'3" so sometimes the feet might get "short-changed". You are blessed!

    I think I kind of know your commute area and it is nice. You must have some nice views too.

  3. Maybe it's just the perspective, but that seems like an amazingly wide shoulder for a rural road. If it wasn't for early morning I'm not sure I'd trust leaving the bike like that to take a photo!

    Once upon a time I was a church elder. I gave a 45 minute talk / sermon in the State Pen. That was an interesting experience. Both in getting in and the morning itself. Guys with life sentences for murder were there.

    Some folks work the system. Some are sincere. We can't always tell. The important thing is to put the message out and let it find fertile soil if there is any to be found.

    I can understand your volunteer efforts. Sometimes jail is the only place contact can be made with certain folks.

  4. Very nice images with the fog and sunrise. I would've thought that you would get heat off of the heads and cylinders.

    I really admire those with a heart for prison ministries. A real challenge.


  5. Irondad,
    Very observant on the wide shoulder. It runs along the base of our hill and is the widest road on my jail route. It's rural but traveled well so it's wider. On the more narrow roads I've been okay so far with my flashers on but I probably should be more cautious.

    On the jail side of the equation, of course they haven't been found guilty so their future is uncertain. They're more open to being serious about how to get life back on track. And you're absolutely right, it's hard to determine their sincerity.

    I like what you said about all that. Thank you for the encouragement!

    Thank you! On the newer style RT's there is some heat that probably makes its way back but there's a fair amount of faring protecting the feet. I really feel like a wimp complaining about cold feet to someone who lives in Alaska!

    As you know ministries are a calling. Seven years ago I would've never thought of doing it. I approached it thinking I was the one who would be offering something I had to share. Instead I've found I've been more on the receiving end by the grace of God.

    Thanks you for the encouragement too!

  6. Those are beautiful scenes Mike - and I bet that ride in to the prison is a great time to see God's beauty and spend time with Him...

  7. Stacey,
    Thank you. Yes it is a great time - I look forward to it!