Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"It's here...it's really here."

On a recent morning after I pulled into my favorite gas station, I noticed that Shawn wasn't his usual perky self. When I asked if he was okay he said yes. As I handed him my debit card I said, "You're not sick are you?" His reply was, "No but it's here...it's really here." I assumed he was talking about the swine flu when he said, "I handle hundreds of these cards each day, of course I'm drenched in gasoline so I figure the gas will kill most germs anyway".

Great, one more thing to worry about!  A couple of times a day I use hand sanitizer but I must admit I'm not as conscious about germ transfer as one should probably be as we enter the cold and flu season.

There are a lot of things a person can worry about these days. No need to make a list of worries, just pick up any news paper. The good Lord knows I've done my share of being overly concerned about both little and big things. But as I look back I can honestly say that worrying did absolutely nothing to improve the situation. At the time it might have felt like it was helping but it didn't.

As Shawn and I continued to talk about concerns of the day, I said to him, "The older I get the more I realize that I'm not in control of most everything, and I'm finding that I just need to trust God more each day."  He said, "that's good for some people".  I think it's good for more than some people.

Been riding and thinking.


  1. I agree! God is good for more than just some. God is good for all.

  2. Danny,

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment.

    Amen to what you said!