Saturday, February 19, 2011

Struggling with the Weather and the Whether

The last few mornings the weather has been unstable.  At our house we've had a mix of snow and rain.  Last night we had some snow flurries along with some rain which gave this morning a thin coating of ice and light crunchy snow on most everything.

I had a breakfast scheduled this morning with a couple of friends at 9:00.  Knowing that today's forecast was to be sunny and 45 (F), I did the usual checking the outside temp on the house thermostat and looking at the current conditions online.  Then I looked outside and saw the ice but it didn't look too bad.

Then the little voice from the area around my left shoulder whispered in my ear, "You can ride anyway. Don't worry, it'll be okay.  After all, by the time breakfast is over it'll be sunny and warm and everyone will be riding."  Then the voice from the other shoulder whispered, "No, it's too icy and there's too much risk of going down and scrapping up the bike."  Then the other voice said, "But you can go slowly where you need to.  Go ahead it'll be fun."

Do you ever have this "discussion" in the morning?  Struggling with the whether... that is the whether to ride? 

In the end the voice from the right shoulder won out.  I'm glad I didn't ride because the roads were worse than what I was hearing from my left ear.  Of course hearing voices should be reason enough not to ride. 

I didn't really hear voices but the struggle really happened.

Safety should always rule the day.

God's speed.


  1. I hear those voices, too. Usually my hubby is the voice of reason when it comes to low temps and icy roads. He is of course right! Better safe than sorry.

  2. Mike:

    did one of those guys have horns and a pitchfork ? I struggle too but I don't like to take chances anymore. Anytime the temps are near freezing I follow in your footsteps

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Ice is the worst even worse than a layer of frost. For me at this time of the year, the discussion is more about driving -vs- taking the bus. If I take the bus, I'm gauranteed to get about 4 miles of walking. Some exercise is better than none...


  4. Sonja,
    My wife is the voice of reason too but she wasn't up when I left. :) Be safe out there!

    Yes, it's best to be on the safe side. Although I get a bad feeling on days during the week when I decide not to ride due to the weather and it turns out nice.

    I agree, ice is the worst. We had some black ice too this morning. I can see where taking the bus would be best in your area and a 4 mile walk could be a bonus! Except if it's icy. :)

  5. Good for you! I think we all have mornings like this. Ride or drive? It's tough when it looks good from the driveway, but you know or suspect it may get worse down the road. We're not supposed to hear voices??? I'm in trouble now!

    "My wife is the voice of reason too but she wasn't up when I left."

    That's funny! It would make a good quote! :)

  6. Kari,
    It would be nice if Google Earth was live and we could see road conditions online. That will probably be a reality someday.

    Yeah, the voice of reason needs her rest some mornings! Sounds like I'm on my own those mornings. :)

  7. That's great that common sense ruled. If you had ridden you might have slipped already on the ice ... an accident waiting to happen.

  8. Me thinks God was whispering to you.... glad you did not ride the bike!

  9. I have been not been judged mentally competent to comment on the matter. I rode except for the 24th and 25th. Those judged sane would follow in your foot steps.