Saturday, December 18, 2010

Portland Area Tram

The hospital were our new granddaughter was born last week has a Tram that carries people to another location with medical buildings along the river.  The Tram was completed about four years ago and has already become an icon for Portland.  I thought I would share some photos.

(Mt. Hood in the background)

 (Mt. St. Helens in the background)

God's speed.


  1. The second photo is iconic Portland. Nice!
    So have you taken a tram ride yet?

  2. The views of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood are just beautiful from that spot. I also see that they are now covered in snow :-)

  3. Lovely shots of the mountains indeed.
    Wishing you happy holidays! Take care, SonjaM

  4. Great shot with Mt. Hood in the background. Last summer, we did the 4T (train, trail, tram, trolley) hike. We went down on the tram after hiking up from the zoo.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Ummmmm...... not sure if I'm brave enough for that... beautiful though!

  6. Kari,
    Thank you. I've not ridden it yet but plan to.

    They are snow covered and it happened earlier than normal this season. Thank you.

    Thank you - Merry Christmas to you!

    I've never heard of that hike - it sounds very good! Just the hike from the zoo to the tram would be neat. Thank you - Merry Christmas!

    You've ridden on a motorcycle but you wouldn't take the tram? Just kidding... thank you.

  7. 4T hike -

    This was an activity during a family reunion last summer. Very well marked, nice hike.


  8. That hospital would be worth getting sick for!!!! Beautiful photos Mike!!!

  9. Richard,
    Just last night I mentioned this hike to my wife and daughter because of your comment Saturday. They googled it and we discovered it. It looks really nice - I think we'll do it in the spring. Thank you!

    Thank you!

  10. Really like that last photo! If it weren't for a zoom lense you'd be tempted to drop the camera and run.

    Rode by there this morning ) I-5 through the curves ) on the bike. Mt. Hood looked pretty neat with a bit of sun on one side. Have you ridden the road up to the hospital on a bike? Short, but sweet.

  11. Irondad,
    Thank you. I do ride up the hill to Shriners and I'm working on the OHSU folks too.

    Mt. Hood was spectacular this morning with a tight cloud cover on the south side. Ride safe!