Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vintage BMW Display

Recently our son and I rode to a vintage BMW Motorcycle display held at Champoeg State Park (pronounced shampooie), which is about 30 miles south of Portland.  He recently bought a used Honda VTX1300 and it's been a good new experience for us to go on rides together.

We've both had older BMW cars and a common interest in those models as well.  We didn't know much about these motorcycles but we met some good people and learned some things.

The two guys in the reflection on the tank told us that this is a "toaster tank".  The chrome sides are like an old toaster.  This is a '72 R75/5 in mighty fine shape.

This one is a custom job that was catching a lot of attention but it didn't get the raves from the purists.  I liked it, but it doesn't have the nostalgia like the one Charlie6 is considering in his blog Redleg's Rides.

The side car looks modern from the back. 

That's a big rotor and caliper, but disc brakes on a '66?  A tip off that this is a custom job.
A guy pulled up in this MG in excellent shape. 

I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in a while and he said this Vincent is probably worth about $50,000. 

Sometimes priorities can get out of whack and the busyness of life can keep us from spending time with loved ones.  The good Lord knows that I've been guilty of that at times. It's interesting that as we get more years behind us rather than in front, what's important in life changes.  I look forward to our son and I having more shared experiences with our motorcycles.  

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  1. nics pictures of the classics, thanks for the plug...